Being a Landlord can be hard work. We know, we are landlords too. As experienced landlord solicitors, we established to help avoid, contain and resolve issues with your property, tenants and unwanted third parties.

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We offer each client a secure virtual platform to view and access case documents, court filings, notices, calendars and bills.

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Our team is dynamic, thorough and passionate in serving landlords across England and Wales. To learn how we can support you, please call 0330 043 6162 (local rate) or contact us online for a free, no-risk consultation with our excellent landlord solicitors and advisors.

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We take on the burden

If you are facing difficulties with your tenants or unwanted third parties it can be a distressing and difficult time. You might be facing significant emotional and financial burdens. Let us help take some of that strain.

In spite of the challenges landlords face, there are many businesses offering tenant eviction services, which can make choosing the right support hard. We want to make this decision as easy as possible for you, by offering a start to finish service.

At, we are fully qualified solicitors and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We pride ourselves on carrying the load for our landlord clients. We accomplish this by embracing technology. This helps us speed up the process and keep our overheads low which results in a better and more affordable service for our clients.

A fair result can make all the difference in helping you to move on with your property after a serious issue. Learn how can help.

Our Solutions

 Our specialist landlord solicitors and advisers understand the stress and strain when issues happen with your property, tenants or other unwanted third parties. We have developed specific and affordable solutions to help landlords solve their issues.

Regain possession of your property

If you have a tenant that is causing damage to your property or isn’t paying rent or you want your property back in order to sell. We can help.



remove squatters / Trespassers from your property

Trespasser (also known as squatters) are people who have no right to be in your property. Your tenant may have let them in (people not on the tenancy agreement) or they let themselves in while the property was empty, unoccupied or unsecured. We can help.


Does a current tenant (commercial or residential) owe you rent or a service charge? Or are you owed rent or service charge by a former tenant (commercial or residential)? We can help you recover the debt, by giving you first class advice and offering you a practical strategy to recover the maximum amount possible.

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Message from our Founder


Aled Evans

Aled Evans

Solicitor and Founder

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. 

I have spent the last decade in legal practice, the vast majority of it as a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. During that decade I’ve worked in a variety of environments around the world, both in-house and private practice. Based on that experience as a legal services consumer and provider I wanted to take a different approach by fully embracing technology and putting it at the heart of what we do, to increase pace and drive down costs for the client.

Law tech companies are exponentially growing in the UK. Automation, work flows and project management are becoming more important in the delivery of legal services. As a profession, there is a lot more we can achieve in this space, that is why was formed…It’s time to make a change, to innovate, to adapt, to overcome and improve legal services and access to legal services.

We are keen to engage with new clients, talent and collaborators who share similar values and visions. If we have piqued your interest then please get in touch.  It would be great to hear from you.

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. If you would like to find out more about the standards and regulations that we abide by and uphold then please visit is a solution provided by Ubique Legal Limited. For more information on Ubique Legal visit


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We know that legal issues with your property can be an extremely stressful experience. At our experienced landlord solicitors and advisors are ready to help and find a way to resolve your issue. Call us on 0330 043 6162 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today., 4 Clive House, Prospect Hill, Redditch, B97 4BS.