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Helping landlords to successfully defend claims for compensation.
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Did the tenant tell you about the need for the repair and give you time to sort it out?

There are key things that your tenant should have done before they will be able to  successfully claim compensation from you as a landlord. This includes informing you about the need for a repair in advance and allowing fair time for problem to be sorted out.

Do you keep records?

Courts don’t expect tenants to keep a record every time they report the need for a repair – but they do expect landlords to be able to demonstrate they have a system in place for managing repairs. This could be paper-based or an electronic system. The key is to keep records of whenever a repair is requested and what actions were taken. 

Can we help you defend a claim for compensation based on alleged  housing disrepair?

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After you complete the form, one of our friendly agents will be in touch to gather any more details and understand more about your case, and they will be able to advise you on the next steps.
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